Children’s Activities

Amazo – Players drop a chip down a board of pegs and hope it lands on the highest number.

Cake Walk – Play musical chairs for a chance to win a cake.

Cotton Candy – Work at a carnival favorite making cotton candy.

Dime Slide – Try to slide your dime the farthest to earn the greatest prize.

Duck Pond – A Fall Festival favorite. Choose a duck from the pond and win. Every duck’s a winner.

Face Painting/Tattoos – A little artistic ability requested. Paint small drawings on kids’ faces or apply tattoos.

Fair Doo – Give kids’ crazy hair do’s.

Flip the Frog – Use a mallet to flip a “frog” into a bucket.

Flower Power – A spring-time version of the bean bag toss.

Guppy Races – Guppies race each other along a tube for the prize.

High/Low Card Game – Each player gets 5 cards. The first card is face up and the player guesses each card to be higher or lower. Player keeps playing until they incorrectly guess a card.

Hula Hoop – Compete with a partner to hula hoop the longest time.

Let’s Make a Deal – 3 closed doors to choose from. Only one holds a prize.

Live Fish – Toss a ping pong ball into a fishbowl and win that fish.

Lollipop Tree – Spin the board and pick a sucker. If it has a black dot on the bottom, you win a gourmet sucker.

Prize Booth – Distribute candy and toys in exchange for the coins earned playing games.

Sno Cones – Make sno cones.

Toilet Toss – Toss the poop! Make sure you get it in the toilet!!!

Weight Guessing – Players try to fool the scale.

Adult Activities

Bake Sale – Sell donated baked and canned goods.

Beat the House – Player rolls the dice to beat the house.

Beer Tent – Sell beer, wine, popcorn and peanuts to age 21 and over.

Bingo – Assist in a group bingo game.

Clean-up crew – Help clean up the grounds on Saturday and/or Sunday morning of Fall Festival and/or again on Sunday evening. A very important job!

Euchre – Help serve beverages and assist those playing the game.

Grilled Foods – Take orders, grill and/or serve food in the food tent.

Hog Roasting – We need 3 hogs grilled and the pork pulled. Grill 2 hogs and pull the pork Friday to be served Saturday. Grill the 3rd pig Saturday and pull the pork to be served Sunday. Consider signing up with a group of friends.

Kids’ Garage Sale – Sell donated toys, games, stuffed animals and books.

Luck of the Irish – Sell pull tabs.

Pancake Breakfast – Assist the VFW with set-up, clean-up and serving a wonderful pancake breakfast on Sunday morning.

Raffles – Sell the raffle tickets outside the beer tent for the prizes donated.

Security – Age 18+ help to keep the grounds secure during the dances Friday and Saturday evening.

Showdown – Help players with poker.

Evening Food in Beer Tent – Serve pre-made food to patrons during the dance Friday night and/or Saturday night.

Tent Set-Up Thursday – Set up tents after 5pm on Thursday of Fall Festival.

Ticket Booth & Info – Sell food/game tickets.

Dance Entry – Help collect money for “free will” offering before the dances.

Toy Clean – Up – Help clean donated toys for the Kid’s Garage Sale.

Wheel of Fortune – Place your .25 bet and spin the wheel.

Outdoor Activities

Basketball Throw – Assist in making baskets in the hoops. The more you make the better the prize.

Chicken Plop – Choose a number from the floor of the chicken cage and hope the chicken “plops” on your number.

Double Trouble – Sports challenge.

Fun Run – Assist with registration, dispensing t-shirts and other duties at the 2nd annual 5K run.

*Inflatable Obstacle Course/Slide (Chaos) – Help participants challenge each other on this 3-way obstacle course designed for the older kids. (8+).

Kiddiepillar Corner – Assist younger kids (age 8 and under) through this jumpy maze.

Sports Cage – Supervise the batting cage for those that want to try out for the major leagues.

Assist younger kids (age 8 and under) through this jumpy maze.Assist younger kids (age 8 and under) through this jumpy maze.

Titanic – Supervise the huge slide.

Petting Zoo – Keep the animals safe, fed and watered while supervising those that wish to admire/pet them.

Pop Toss – Ring a bottle for a chance to win a can of pop.

* Awaiting insurance approval.